Salokaya Skills for Care

Education is central to our ability to provide quality care to our patients and family.
Salokaya Skills for Care offers programs aimed at working nursing professionals. Continuing education programs foster professional development and clinical expertise. Based on this belief Salokaya established Salokaya Skills For Care.
Following the “Novice to Expert” approach, educational programs are offered at several educational levels to raise the level of expertise of health care professionals. 

Mission Statement

To help individuals and employers achieve their professional and organizational goals by offering quality programs with practical application to raise level of expertise, thereby increaseing the level of healthcare.


The College aims to teach professionals the value of intellectual skills and to help them develop the capability of making choices based on knowledge and unbiased evaluations; to advance the knowledge of the profession and their proficiency in technical skills; to encourage personal growth, resourcefulness, a heightened sense of responsibility, and a concern for people; to familiarize the students with resources for future learning so that they can adapt to the increasing complexity of professional responsibilities; and to promote learning as a life-long commitment.


  • Provide healthcare education for students who wish to develop competencies in specific career areas.
  • Provide education for current healthcare professionals who wish to increase their skills by completing additional certifications or degrees.
  • Provide extensive, comprehensive clinical experiences for students.
  • Provide academic advice, counseling, financial aid, and other services to students interested in healthcare education.
  • Partner and cooperate with other higher education institutions to encourage access to quality healthcare education for students in the NCT of Delhi.
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