Internationally inclusive education contributes in a unique way to educational and personal growth of its students. Experiencing another culture provides significant opportunities for students to look more critically at themselves, the work they contribute, and the society in which we live.
Global programs in Salokaya Skills for Care are guided by our principles of global engagement and continuous education. We aim to expand the worldview of students through intentionally designed cultural immersion with reflection, develop mutually beneficial partnerships, form culturally competent professionals, and train nurses who are globally competent.

Salokaya - Univ. Of Michigan,Ann Arbor Partnership

Salokaya College of Nursing & Salokaya Skills for Care is very proud to work with one of the best nursing schools in the world, University of Michigan School of Nursing, Ann Arbor.

Under this partnership various programs and projects are designed to offer cross cultural and globally dynamic engagements to students and faculty. The vision is to offer skills to be globally competent in rapidly changing world health scenarios.

Some of the recent engagements under this partnership include:
  • Virtual Class Room for the course N456: Community Health Nursing: This required class, normally taken during fall or winter of senior year at University of Michigan, offers opportunities for global and intercultural engagement in a subset of its clinical sections. Each semester, one section from University of Michigan and Salokaya uses videoconferencing technology to engage in a joint project. The classes are very successful and are enjoyed by students and collaborating faculty.
  • Starting 2015, a faculty led group of students enrolled in N421: Perspectives in Global Health ,are hosted by Salokaya College of Nursing to complete the course. The students are taught about the various aspects of Indian healthcare system.

In addition, Salokaya has established an Exchange programs for nursing students with Bornholme nursing school in Denmark. The first batch of nurses traveled to Salokaya, New Delhi in July 2010. The exchange students learn about healthcare systems in India.
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