Fast Facts

Salokaya shares a philosophy of promoting causes of higher education in healthcare among other important missions in its charter.

 ‘SALOKAYA’ means “Abode of Gods, residing in the land of Gods

Nursing: First College of Nursing in Rohini, Delhi in 2006

Salokaya College of Nursing is striving to uplift the nursing education in India through focusing on higher education, science based approach to learning, international exposure and affiliations. By doing so, Salokaya aims to bring nursing and healthcare at par with international standards and improve excellence in nursing education and practice. In addition Salokaya will be the prime source of highly trained nurses to the growing medical tourism industry in India that requires such skilled nurses for the modern healthcare service delivery systems.

Salokaya is proud to have graduated its first batch of GNM students in 2010.


Salokaya is in North West Delhi on the Metro Map of the national capital city, making it one of the most conveniently located institutions. Besides this part of the city houses few of the biggest names in the healthcare sector and will offer excellent opportunities for clinical training & placements.


Salokaya has a magnificent campus with built up area of more than 50,000 sq ft. The Academic wing consist of well lighted, electronically enables lecture rooms, fully equipped laboratories, well endowed library, offices for faculty and other administrative staff. To complete the theoretical teaching the laboratories are fully equipped with state of the art imported equipments to facilitate effective learning.


University of Michigan : Salokaya hosting partner since 2013
Keeping in mind the multicultural and multinational realities of the current world, Salokaya gives its students cross cultural skills and concepts in global nursing context. This is done by collaborative and exchange programs with various institutions abroad and in India.
This ensureS that Salokaya health professionals get an unparalleled mix of clinical experience and exposure.
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