Health Sciences Salokaya

Are you a People Person?

If so, the Salokaya Health Sciences may be just the right fit for you. We offer quality education in health-related fields--fields where people matter. Our programs prepare students for careers and help those already in health careers to stay at the forefront of their profession.

The health issues facing India are as complex as they are varied. The size and scope of these issues requires multifaceted and collaborative solutions. Recognizing the growing challenges, Salokaya built upon its successful nursing programs to create the Faculty of Health Sciences.

The changing health care scenario in our country demands health care professional who understand the dynamics of the changing times and area better able to work as part of the healthcare team.
Salokaya Faculty of Health Sciences will train and educate such multi faceted health care professionals. Our students will get a unique opportunity to share a real world like setting sharing the knowledge and experience with students from other health sciences streams. This will enable Salokaya Students to be more productive members of any team that they work in.

Salokaya Faculty of Health Sciences comprises of:

  • Salokaya College of Nursing
  • Salokaya Skills For Care

Various programs are offered at Salokaya to cater to your aspirations & requirements. No matter which specialization within the healthcare arena you choose to work in, we are hoping that Salokaya can provide you with a world class integrated education and training program that will help you excel in your professional career. Salokaya is working to bring this to reality.

Our programs emphasize the scientific and interpersonal aspects of clinical practice and typify teamwork and collaboration among the various health professionals in the modern healthcare environment. Students are challenged with contemporary curricula, clinically-skilled, nationally-known faculty, master their clinical skills in state-of-the-industry laboratories, and have varied and excellent internship/clinical placements. Faculties are contemporary clinicians actively engaged in teaching and clinical practice. All of the programs housed in the Salokaya Health Sciences are fully accredited. Graduates are rewarded with placements in the best hospitals in the region.
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