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Best Nursing College in Delhi

Salokaya is the Best Nursing College In Delhi and the most academically renowned and clinically sound institution for nursing education. Salokayabrings world-class education, innovation, international exposure, and critical learning skills to nursing education.

We are providing a top-notch Nursing course in Delhi with two different and Best Nursing courses to prospective nurses.

Students can pursue a Diploma in General Nursing &Midwifery (GNM), a 3 years program after completing Class XII or 2-year Diploma in Auxiliary Nurses &Midwifery (ANM) after completing class XII

Whether you are just graduating from high school, looking to change careers, or pursuing an advanced nursing degree, we have the right academic program for you. Nursing students are afforded an exceptional education and are taught by the top nurse educators in the country.

No matter what program you enroll in at Salokaya College of Nursing, you’ll get an unsurpassed Best Nursing course education and unparalleled clinical opportunities. From our outstanding undergraduate programs to our top-notch certificate program in partnership with IGNOU, Salokaya offers a quality education that encompasses the best of compassion, commitment, and competence.


  • Engaging classes
  • Top nursing college in Delhi
  • Personal attention
  • Diverse student population
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Outstanding faculty and distinguished leadership.
  • In addition, our affiliation to the highly respected Govt. of NCT, the Delhi healthcare system offers opportunities for hands-on experience at acute-care hospitals, outpatient facilities, community health centers, and local MCH centers.

So if you are just beginning to consider the right institute or already have a focused plan and are ready to apply, the Admissions staff is available to help you. We welcome your email, phone calls, and personal visits and look forward to talking with you!


The mission of the Salokaya Nursing course in Delhi is “to advance the science and practice of the profession by creating environments conducive to learning, scholarly inquiry, and development of innovative community partnerships.”


Salokaya College of Nursing is committed to sustaining the excellence of the school of nursing through the following goals:
  • Ensure high-quality Nursing course in Delhi for candidates who opt for the nursing profession in India and uplift the quality of healthcare services domestically
  • Advance and preserve knowledge about human health ecology, including human responses to health and illness of individuals, families, groups, and communities
  • Disseminate knowledge by educating the public and professionals through strategies that include and engage diverse learners
  • Provide service that promotes the health and well-being of diverse individuals, families, communities, populations, and systems.


SCON is committed to improving the health and well-being of all people by anticipating and responding to changing professional, social, technical and economic demands. Nurses address professional and community needs by assuming multiple collaborative and cooperative relationships and roles.

Nursing is a humanistic profession that enhances the quality of life by promoting health, preventing illness, supporting rehabilitation following illness, and providing care for persons at the end of life. All individuals are entitled to health care and the right to participate in making health care decisions.

Nursing is a continually evolving discipline with a unique body of knowledge. Nursing knowledge is advanced through the application of critical thinking, the development and testing of theories, and the conduct and utilization of nursing research.

Intellectual growth and professional autonomy are fostered through the gamut of educational programs in nursing. The GNM Program prepares students to enter professional practice and provides a foundation for graduate education.
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