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In-Home Senior Care

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It can be very difficult to realize that your elderly loved one or parent can no longer provide complete care for him- or herself, and it’s incredibly important, when the time comes, to find a homecare company that you can truly depend on. At Salokaya, we take pride in our exceptional team of experienced and caring nurses and other clinical staff. We will always pair your loved one with an in-home care giver who is perfectly suited to their needs, lifestyle, and personality.

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Salokaya Senior Care Services

Every individual is different, meaning that the needs of your loved ones are going to vary from the needs of someone else’s family member—that’s why we cater specifically to one person at a time. We offer a wide range of senior care services that can be shaped and molded to suit your parent or elderly loved one’s situation. Some of the most common senior care services we provide include:

Chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart or lung disease, arthritis, a compromised immune system, developmental disabilities, or the after-effects of stroke can benefit from in home care.

Memory impairments can make living independently challenging for someone with a dementia diagnosis and their family. Trained caregivers can help with activities of daily living at home.


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