Dialysis in Rohini

Safe Dialysis In Rohini

Dialysis is a medical procedure that uses a machine to remove waste and extra fluid from your body in order to perform some of the kidney's tasks, such as filtering and purifying the blood. When it comes to diseases of the kidney, Dialysis is one of the most common treatment options. It involves the removal of waste and excess water from the blood. It is a life-saving treatment for people suffering from renal failure.  These two types of dialysis namely,haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis use different methods to filter blood as well. This process helps to keep your electrolytes and fluids in balance when your kidneys can’t perform these functions due to disease or injury.

Salokaya delivers comprehensive healthcare services to our patients. If you want to have the best dialysis treatment in Rohini we are the ones to choose.  We understand your health is important and thus we have equipped our Dialysis centre in Rohini with the latest technology, advanced medical facilities, and the best Nephrologists or kidney doctors, for whom your health is a top priority. Salokaya offers diagnosis, treatment, and care for patients with kidney-related diseases and dialysis in Rohini. Patients with conditions as diverse as acute kidney illness, kidney stones, and uncommon kidney abnormalities that may progress to chronic kidney disease have been effectively treated by us. We have successfully completed many safe dialysis in Rohini with our experienced team.

Types of Dialysis

Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis are the two methods used to accomplish dialysis.Hemodialysis is the most common form of dialysis. It makes use of an artificial kidney machine to filter the blood. Peritoneal dialysis, on the other hand, uses the lining of the abdomen to filter the blood. If you want safe dialysis in Rohini we are the best fit for you.

Our Goal:

Our objective is to preserve and enhance the general health and quality of life of dialysis patients with kidney disease. We offer the most advanced diagnostics, comprehensive pre-operative evaluation, dialysis support & complete post-operative care to minimize the chances of infection. We continuously monitor patient satisfaction and clinical indicators in order to measure and improve the quality of patient care and maintain our quality standards.

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